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Tune Ups

We have multiple levels of Tune Ups that we offer. From a Race Day safety check up to a complete rebuild we have affordable options for every situation. 



We do not currently have the space to do full professional fittings. We do provide basic fittings with new bike sales as well as adjustments for the life of your bike. We do have a few companies locally that we recommend for fitting services so don't hesitate to ask.




Rental bikes are available on a first come first serve basis. We do not have a large fleet at the moment but it will grow as we do. Feel free to call and check on availability. 


Adding new gear or upgrading your current equipment is a a cost effective way to stay at the front of the peloton. Discounted services to install new components purchased from us can be a great way to upgrade your current bike without spending money on a new one. 



We have all of the tires, tapes, and other equipment to get you going tubeless on your bike. Even road bikes!! We can make it happen come talk with us about how it can enhance your cycling experience and boost your performance while keeping you in the saddle longer with less down time.