Meet the Adventure Team

Our team of amateur adventurers are always looking for new places to explore and challenges to conquer. We go over stuff, under stuff, sometimes we run into stuff, but we always have fun. If we aren't on the bike we surf, dive, hike, climb, and attempt anything that people say shouldn't be done. So we are always looking for new challenges and fun people to enjoy them with. If you think you have what it takes feel free to apply, but be warned we like to push limits physically and mentally. 

 Riding in Gulf Islands National Seashore

Riding in Gulf Islands National Seashore


A few years ago a major medical condition sidelined Jason for 10 months, and he was told he wouldn't have a long life to live. During that time he decided to open his own bicycle shop in Florida to give him the freedom to use his time wisely. His bicycle store since has moved to Colorado and expanded into all outdoor sports to help pursue some lofty goals while taking on the name Adventures Unlimited. 

 Training in Afghanistan

Training in Afghanistan


Growing up in Navarre, FL Stephen was raised to love nature and the outdoors. After an enlistment in the United States Army Stephen attended The Ohio State University and is now working as a private contractor in Afghanistan. Stephen joins the team as the fun brother that wants to see the world and get back in time to take care of family and baby number 1 on the way. 


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Think you've got what it takes? Apply below. Submissions may take up to 30 days to review with team members being scattered around the world from time to time. 

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